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HK-H Series P1.923 Broadcasting HD LED Video Display for TV Station and Conference Room

Unique design Indoor LED Display panel of P1.923 with size 600x337.50mm or 400X300MM die-casting Aluminum, seamless spliced,high contrast,double data back up,can be maintenance from front and rear, perfect vision effect,


HK-h series

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Product description

1. Ultra HD: up 270400pixels per square meters,like as HD TV screen with full color
2.Ultra slim cabinet: the thickness is only 65mm,with fashion configuration design
3.High strength: made with high quality Die-casting Aluminum cabinet, enhance the heat dissipation,and extend the cabinet's working life
4.Seamless splice: no space/gap between the cabinet,ensure the good informance
5.High refresh rate: with advanced technology and reliable parts ensure the high gray scale and high refresh rate
6.Panel with 16:9 each,for good display vision