LED KING WORLD CO.,LTD, is one manufacture in SHENZHEN China, we product all kinds of full color indoor outdoor LED display, single color LED display, Dual-color LED display, 


  LED KING WORLD  Display-your one stop solution provider for all things LED related. As a renowned manufacturer in the growing Chinese industry, we have completed more than 1000 worldwide installation projects In the pursuit of excellence, we succeeded in breaking numerous industry records. LED KING WORLD is widely acknowledged as a world-leading designer and producer of high quality LED screens. Our target markets include sports, advertising, rental & stage, etc. To learn more, please ask us about our fully featured customization options! 


   LED KING WORLD is a publicly listed LED display manufacturer. Our facilities cover an area of 1000 square meters. Our company strives to deliver stunning LED solutions that can satisfy all customer requirements. Standardization and flexible production allow us to offer competitive prices for a wide range of high quality products. Our valued clients can enjoy the benefits of attentive service and prompt delivery. For the past 6 years, we have made steady progress. 


   Development of overseas markets. Our success can largely be attributed to an outstanding reputation and a diverse client base. 


   Ingenuity and perseverance have firmly established us as pioneers in the LED display industry. Our company is dedicated to the research and development of LED related technologies. LED KING WORLD products are approved by CE, CCC, EMC and FC. We are fully certified by ISO standards. 

   Focus on LED full color, Make the world wonderful, WIN THE WORLD.