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DLW 1800

product outline DLW 1800 WASH-P is a high power wash light with framing system, it has linear smooth CMY and CTO color temperature correction, multi-color wheel, and it also has function of all-round framing to beam, which can achieve overall control the beam. . It is worth mentioning that it is different from the traditional zoom, using optical lens linear softening, so that spot changes from small to large always maintain uniform linear softening gradient, will not produce any spot mutation. It is suitable for professional theatres and high requirement of place for recording and shooting place.


LED Light

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Product description


Power Supply:

AC200-240V 50/60Hz


Input Power: 2100W, power factors:PF≥0.98

Light Source:

Lamp model: PHILIPS MSR Gold 1800 MiniFF ES

Color Temperature:6000K


Reflector: reflector from Europe, Master-sub reflector design.

Optical lens:3 groups of optical components, Lens: ∅180mm

Total luminous output≥40000lm 

CRI: Ra≥90

Electronic Zoom Range: 5°~50°

Color  System:

CMY infinite color mixing system, Good saturation RGB, pure color, High Brightness.

CTO color linear adjustment, 3200K-6000K

Fixed color wheel,7 color filters + white, Bi-direction rainbow, stepping, gradual changing color, random color mode.

Gobo System:

1 rotating gobo wheel, with 5pcs bidirectional location rotating glass gobos, it can be auto-rotating, water running, and shaking effects; the gobo wheel can be positioned at 16bit.

1 fixed gobo wheel with 9 gobos+White, makes bidirectional water running

1 The dynamic wheel, makes clouds, flame, water-running effects, ect.

Framing System:

One set of full directional framing system, Graphics can be rotated at 90°, it takes 0.2s to frame all the graphics only.

 Effect equipment:

One 4-facet rotating prism, bidirectional rotation

Two independent frosts,linear soft and uniform light, high brightness output.

Independent dimmer device, 0-100% linear dimming,multiple options of dimming curve

Fast strobe device, speed is 0.8-15 flash/second

Multiple strobe effects: (pulse/asynchronous/synchronous/slow-medium-fast at random)

Fast electric iris 5-100% linear adjustment, macro function of multiple effects changed.

Fixture movement:

PAN=540°, PAN precision: 2.11°/step, FINE: 0.008°/step

TILT=270°, TILT precision: 1.05°/step, FINE: 0.004°/step

Electronic Control Technology:

Channel: 32Ch/35Ch/56Ch

Control Protocol: Standard DMX512 protocol, Art-net light control protocol & wireless DMX512 (optional)

ECO MODE, Sleep Mode

Software can be updated by connecting to signal cable& network cable.

Intelligent control, electronic sensors testing, intelligent testing and controlling fan

Non-touch magnetic encoder positioning system for pan/tilt

Bidirectional data transmission, RDM remote device management

Size& Weight:

Fixture size: 477X431X836 (mm)

Packing size: 720X556X881 (mm)

Net weight:49 Kg

Flight case weight: 30.2Kg

IP Rate: 



product  size :


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